Sultana Jamal

Cane Dancing
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One hip with cane accenting on that side - then twisty with both hips and cane in middle

Kick one foot up in back then the other in front.

Prance around cane

Bend down on one side to touch bottom of cane to floor

Cane over shoulder - lead with cane to turn

Hold elbow with free hand while spinning cane

Stand cane in place - forward & back with side to audience = next to cane

Cane around body mostly upright - and hold one end in each hand behind back

bring one leg up with knee bent

drag cane while walking sideways

hand on top of cane - other elbow on hand - chin on hand above elbow - hip moves

tap on floor - one turn of cane - then over opposite shoulder

cane over shoulder - hip drops & little kicks

cane around body at hips - horizontal

side to side behind with hips

twist side to side - bend knees for bounce

alternate cross-kick in front with bounce

push upright cane to side - push opposite hip back traveling sideways

cross hands walking around cane

cane behind neck

kick cane up

figure 8 with cane

bend down with cane to ankle - then up in front of body
bring knee up while bringing cane down

Slight bounce

Bring cane around body - start to bring around again, then  into position over shoulder.

Swing cane downward - hip forward - then other hip - then first hip twice

Cane in both hands overhead - step to side making a circle with cane in front

Step behind - cane up - undulations

Jump back side to side with cane up

Twist right hip forward twisting cane across body in both hands
swing cane in circle at side and do hip drops on opposite side

Slow music - bring cane slowly around body - then balance on head - hip movements, shoulder shimmies, walk

Bring cane around and slide back between legs

to heavy drum beat - pelvic thrust with knees and hands

back - step,together, step

step to side -flat in direction of travel - on ball with other foot behind

bend over - hip circles - shoulder slides - flirty

bam-bam-bam - cane to alternating hips

sometimes hit only dums

fluid to slow parts

camel in circle around cane

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